ActiveMining's Ken Slaughter: "The machines are priced in ...

Links to the situations with Ken Slaughter and Active Mining, the Bitcoin Miner and Mining company

On Reddit and Bitcointalk, there has been extensive discussion on whether or not Ken Slaughter and VMC then ActM were scams or whether Ken would come through and make his investors big profit.
For a long time, I was a supporter and defender of Ken. Finally, with the Ceast and Desist order, I have come to realize that Ken deceived everyone. He seems to be treating this as if the problems with ActM are not his fault. But, he had a year to show some success, yet he continually made bad business decisions, rejected offers of help and rejected good advice. He refused to provide financial reports, which he had promised to do. Whether or not it was Ken's original intent to steal from his investors, his pattern of deception is clear now. It would be nice if Ken were to be a real man and accept responsibility for what has happened, and would accept the fact that he is an incompetent businessman. It would be nice if he would take responsibility for his incompetence and liquidate all assets of Active Mining and any of his personal assets to pay back all share holders a fair price for the outstanding shares of ActM.
Here is the link to the Cease and Desist order to Ken Slaughter form the Missouri Department of State
Here is Ken's lawyer's response
Here is the news release from the Missouri Secruities Divison
Ken Slaughter is and was a scammer. Every problem that occurs with ActM is always attributed to some outside factor. He never takes responsibility for his own decisions. He always makes excuses and tells people to wait for the upcoming good news. He continually lied to people who believed in him. He betrayed people who supported him.
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r/BitcoinStocks: A place to discuss the wild wild west that is Bitcoin stocks. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/BitcoinStocks. log in sign up. User account menu . 10. ActiveMining's Ken Slaughter: "The machines are priced in fiat, so the promise is in fiat." Close. 10. Posted by. u/socium. 5 years ago. Archived. ActiveMining's Ken ... I decided to see how practical it would be to mine Bitcoin with pencil and paper. It turns out that the SHA-256 algorithm used for mining is pretty simple and can in fact be done by hand. Not ... Bitcoin is voluntarist, not socialist or democratic - by. Bitcoin is voluntarist, not socialist or democratic - by. Bitcoin scammer who stole over $2.5 million found dead. Top 10 best litecoin faucets in 2019 - bitcoin for free. Bitcoin computer lost in landfill. Lies, damned lies and bitcoin difficulties. Bitcointalk poker. Billionaire hedge fund manager ken griffin slams bitcoin. 2.5 th s bitcoin - The Leopard is the 2.5 TH Miner from Xtreme Miners. Xtreme Miners are the perfect combination of latest technology, most powerful hashing power on the market (compared to size and price), and futuristic design. We offer 3 different types of miners, The Leopard is the smallest one (2,5 TH/s) It works perfectly stable for 24 hours straight and ... Kenneth A. Slaughter founded Active Mining Corporation and Virtual Mining Corporation. Vendor: Virtual Mining Corporation (VMC) Product: Fast-Hash One Platinum Edition (1 TH) Price including shipping: $6,479 Order date: 24th November 2013. Missouri Secretary of State shuts down Virtual Mining Corporation over "deceptive tactics" Fast-Hash One Platinum Edition Bitcoin Mining Machine Springfield ...

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Apollo AGC Part 17: Carl's DSKY hook up, and Ken mines a ...

Install Raid for Free IOS: ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and join the Special Launch Tournament for a chance... We finally hook up Carl's DSKY, which Ken immediately uses for mining a bitcoin on the AGC. We are still not sure exactly why. Link to Ken's AGC bitcoin mini... METHODE 1 - Uitleg Bitcoin-Mining Het zijn allemaal hele moeilijke rekensommen die worden uitgevoerd door special computers (grafische kaarten, moederborden en mining-software). Mining gtx 650 - Bitcoin mining on a home PC video card Geforce GTX 650 ASUS - what the actual speed of mining on the video card is 45 Mhash / s. I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin, so I started to write a wallet for an Arduino. I'm about half way through getting it to work. I took a break from it an...