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225 Good YouTubers & 30 Bad Ones! (Help Me Verify)

I am finalizing my list for CryptoInfluence - The link is a beta version.
I've made several topics on this Reddit asking for input and received a tons of suggestions!
This site is an offshoot of my popular Socialbook.io platform which is used by YouTubers to help get Sponsorships/Partnerships from brands. Brands use the platform search for YouTubers to advertise their products. Once the list is narrowed down they view their profiles and can choose to purchase their advanced profiles in order to view their audience demographics & to contact them.
YouTubers get 50% of the price paid by brands to view their profiles & contact them. They keep 100% of whatever sponsorship deal they negotiate. This has been very successful so far. Up until recently the most popular searches were were Gaming & Fashion YouTubers.
Over the summer we never received any requests for Crypto Influencers. Now we get 12 a day, making Crypto YouTubers our top category!
The biggest complaint is that brands keep choosing the wrong ones and getting scammed. The Crypto Boom is so new that their are not very many "trusted" channels yet. There are no million+ channels. Most of the channels are a few months old between 1-20k subscribers. Its very difficult for them to choose.
The site should do 3 things:
1. Allow brands to easily find quality YouTubers to partner with. Leading to both sides to profit.
2. Blacklist the scammer channels, and keep them from monetizing their channels. (There will be a form to report Scammers)
3. Clear out my inbox ;-)
Below is the current list, sorted by number of subscribers (except the bottom 10 or so). Please help me verify any scammers. The ones I really need help with are at the very below. Also, if you know of any good channels that I don't have listed please let me know! Thanks a bunch!
When the site is done, the channels will be ranked via an algorithm that is less dependent upon subscriber numbers, and more dependent upon relevant content, activity, and audience engagement. This should be able to properly rank that "Good" channels from the more "Mediocre" ones. There will also be a sorter (similar to our advanced search) where you can re-list the channels based on audience demographics, country, language, average views, etc.
Legitimate Channels:
Scammer List:
Not Sure About:
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Interview with Marc De Mesel - Marc De Mesel - YouTube Bitcoin Cash Back On Track Crypto Screaming Buy Marc de Mesel on why NXT is better than Bitcoin

Marc De Mesel; Bitcoin Cash-Fueled Blogging Website Read.cash Raises Over $100K for Collective Initiative . June 25, 2020 . $100K, Adoption, BCH, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash payments, Blockchain, Blog posts, blogging, blogging website, Content creators, crypto, Cryptocurrency, fund, Marc De Mesel, News, read.cash, Upvotes coins 0. A few months ago news.Bitcoin.com reported on the web portal ... Hi guys here's your regular dose of technical analysis & trading. In this video I interview Marc De Mesel, crypto investor since 2012, fan of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), owner of a lambo & millionaire. Thanks Marc for sharing your wisdom! ‘Free Bitcoin’ Scam Propagated on YouTube Steals Crypto via Clipboard Hijacking The Qulab information-stealing and clipboard hijacker trojan is being propagated on YouTube via fraudulent videos about an allegedly free bitcoin (BTC) The post ‘Free Bitcoin’ Scam Propagated on YouTube Steals Crypto via Clipboard Hijacking appeared first on Bitcoinmag.eu. Individual Charts; Global Charts; Coinpreisanalyse. Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Chainlink Bitcoin Cash Litecoin Bitcoin SV Cardano EOS Binance Coin Crypto.com Coin Tezos Stellar Lumens Tron Monero UNUS SED LEO Cosmos NEO Iota VeChain Dash Ethereum Classic ZCash NEM Maker Ontology HedgeTrade Basic Attention Token BitTorrent DigiByte Dogecoin Algorand Waves Ren 0x THETA Kyber Network Qtum FTX Token ... Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

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Interview with Marc De Mesel -

+Jop Hartog +Paul Buitink talk to Belgian investor, blogger +Marc De Mesel on why he thinks #nxt is potentially better than Bitcoin. Such as MVRV of Bitcoin again below 1, a rare event only happened 4 times in 10 year history always great entries, Fear/Greed index showing "Extreme Fear" readings, and most importantly a very ... Bitcoin early investors (1/4) - Marc de Mesel: cryptocurrency climate from 2012 till today - Duration: 16:06. Cryptocurrency Edutainment 5,056 views. 16:06 . Thou Shalt Not Buy Overvaluation In ... Other factors also play, such as high odds Bitcoin Core still to test bottom around 4k, which will likely make BCH go down more as ETH. Shifted my exposure from 30% BCH / 20% ETH to 20% BCH / 30% ... I interview the early crypto investor Marc De Mesel in Zürich/Switzerland. He explains how he predicted the recent major correction and gives valuable insights into his investment strategy.